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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Traditional Welsh Cooking

Need inspiration for dinner? Welsh food writer Annette Yates may have the perfect dish for you. Her latest cookbook hits bookshelves today. The Best of Traditional Welsh Cooking contains step-by-step directions for more than 60 classic dishes from various regions. Can’t find a recipe that suits your fancy? Then try one of her other cookbooks: A […]

Wales’ Mum

On Mother’s Day (in much of the world), it seems appropriate to give a belated nod to the woman known as the mother of Wales. (In Wales, Mother’s Day is usually celebrated in March; the date varies with Lent.) With numerous descendants, Catrin of Berain (1534/35–1591) has been dubbed the “Mother of Wales.” Catrin was […]

Welsh Word of the Day

Looking to learn Welsh word by word? If so, check out the Welsh word of the day. Fittingly, today’s word is “Sul,” which sounds like “seal,” and means Sunday. BBC Radio host Huw Stephens selects the words and provides their phonetic pronunciations. Once you’ve mastered a few words, you may wish to move on to […]