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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Spirits of Plas Newydd

In the wee hours I found myself watching an episode of Most Haunted, a series I dislike for numerous reasons, particularly the screeching, spoon-fed details, and absence of scientific methods. I watched the show, despite its flaws, because the episode featured Plas Newydd. The Welsh home is reportedly haunted by the “Ladies of Llangollen” and other […]

Legendary Quest

Want to embark on a legendary quest? Then let’s grab a map, courtesy of Inspirational Wales, a Web site published by the South West Wales Tourism Partnership—one of Wale’s four regional tourism partnerships. Our quest map follows Arthurian legend through South West Wales, directing us to five legendary sites, among them Arthur’s Stone and Merlin’s […]

Punishment Devices

Looking at punishment devices from past centuries, I’d say today’s criminals are coddled. Years ago, criminals might find themselves manacled to a punishment tree, fitted with a scold’s bridle, or positioned beneath a guillotine. Hard labor ranged from stone breaking to working the treadmill at Beaumaris, essentially serving as a human water pump. Noncompliant criminals […]

Payments to a Serving Maid

The National Library of Wales’ digitized collection contains a trove of primary documents. One manuscript that caught my eye details sixteenth- and seventeenth-century fashion in Wales, specifically lower-class women’s fashion. Most of the handwritten lists are in Welsh; however, the document summary outlines notable points and includes a link to transcribed lists.   

Outhouse Relics

In the 1970s photographer James Maxwell Davies discovered a collection of photographic images in an old outhouse. Although the discarded glass slides were badly damaged, Davies was able to restore more than 100 images originally captured for posterity by Tom Mathias. Mathias’ collection depicts rural Cardiganshire life in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. […]

Gelert’s Grave

In the village of Beddgelert a bronze statue commemorates the tragic tale of Gelert, a prince’s dog. The story of Gelert is a variation of the “faithful hound” myth that appears in many countries including India, Malaysia, and Egypt. A pair of headstones—one in English, the other Welsh—relate the tale. “GELERT’S GRAVE IN THE 13TH CENTURY, […]

Welsh Fun & Goodies

Ready to test your Welsh knowledge? Try the “How Really Welsh Are You?” quiz. Warning: it’s fast paced, so read quickly! If you’ve never seen a life-sized leek, check out the Really Welsh Snaps section. While you’re visiting the site, download a few Welsh icons, listen to some stories, or read up on the Really Welsh products—the ice […]