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Category Archives: Myths & Legends

Spirits of Plas Newydd

In the wee hours I found myself watching an episode of Most Haunted, a series I dislike for numerous reasons, particularly the screeching, spoon-fed details, and absence of scientific methods. I watched the show, despite its flaws, because the episode featured Plas Newydd. The Welsh home is reportedly haunted by the “Ladies of Llangollen” and other […]

Legendary Quest

Want to embark on a legendary quest? Then let’s grab a map, courtesy of Inspirational Wales, a Web site published by the South West Wales Tourism Partnership—one of Wale’s four regional tourism partnerships. Our quest map follows Arthurian legend through South West Wales, directing us to five legendary sites, among them Arthur’s Stone and Merlin’s […]

Gelert’s Grave

In the village of Beddgelert a bronze statue commemorates the tragic tale of Gelert, a prince’s dog. The story of Gelert is a variation of the “faithful hound” myth that appears in many countries including India, Malaysia, and Egypt. A pair of headstones—one in English, the other Welsh—relate the tale. “GELERT’S GRAVE IN THE 13TH CENTURY, […]