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Welsh Fun & Goodies

Ready to test your Welsh knowledge? Try the “How Really Welsh Are You?” quiz. Warning: it’s fast paced, so read quickly! If you’ve never seen a life-sized leek, check out the Really Welsh Snaps section. While you’re visiting the site, download a few Welsh icons, listen to some stories, or read up on the Really Welsh products—the ice […]

Wales and the History of the World

Described as a “series that reveals some extraordinary stories about Wales and the history of the world,” the four-part BBC series, Wales and the History of the World, piqued my interest. The 30-minute episodes, which are hosted by Eddie Butler, cover “Firsts,” “Trade & Industry,” “Conflict,” and “Objects.” All the episodes that originally aired on […]

The Welsh Fairy Book

Ever wonder why the red dragon is the emblem of Wales? Or why the robin’s breast is red? Perhaps you need to know how to get rid of fairies…or maybe you’re looking for a curse. The Welsh Fairy Book holds the answers, assuming you believe in fairy tales. Originally published in 1908 by W. Jenkyn […]

Welsh Mythology Provides Plot Points for PC Game

Medieval Welsh tales form the basis of the computer game Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches. The supernatural mystery game is based on the Mabinogion, a collection of medieval folklore translated into English by Lady Charlotte Guest in the 1800s. Published by Arberth Studios, the first-person POV game weaves mystery and mythology into a modern […]